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Who are we ?

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The Platform Metabolism-Metabolome is now part of the Labex Saclay Plant Science. It has been set up mainly by two research labs : the Institute of Plant Biology (CNRS UMR8618) and the Ecology, Systematics and Evolution lab (CNRS UMR8079).

- Skills

The Platform is a metabolomic and isotopic facility that takes advantage of several equipments : mass spectrometer coupled to gas chromatography (GC-MS), isotope ratio mass spectrometers coupled to gas chromatography (GC-C-IRMS) or elemental analysis (EA-IRMS), and liquid chromatography (HPLC, UPLC).
These equipements allow high throughput analyses : metabolite contents in complex biological samples (metabolome) and isotope composition (C-13 or N-15) in raw material or pre-purified metabolites. The sensitive nature of isotopic measurements is such that C-13 or N-15 contents may be quantified in either natural or isotopically enriched samples.

- The Platform as a key actor of the scientific landscape

The Platform participates to scientific collaborations with several labs of the southwestern Paris area but also with other labs in France (ENS, INRA, etc.) or in other countries (University of Sydney, University of Cambridge, etc.). As such, the Platform contributed to publishing nearly 100 papers since 2005 in international journals.

- Contacts

For more information : for general subjects, isotopic or metabolomic analyses, please contact us.