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Asking for our Platform to carry out analyses is not complicated at all. Our internal organization is roughly similar to a small company although the Platform is entirely a public facility funded by public institutions.

- Are analyses free ?

No, you have to pay analyses. Two types of rates are used : a so-called "internal" one for SPS members (Labex Saclay Plant Science) and collaborators who have a coauthorship agreement for papers and patents. The "external" rate is the general rate applied for every lab without any coauthorship agreement.

- Are international payment possible ?

Yes. The Platform has an IBAN account number (associated with the University) so that international payment may be done.

- What is the format of the results from analyses and am I alone for interpreting them ?

The most complex metabolomic analyses yield large files with quantification of many metabolites. The file we send you does not come from the computer directly but is checked carefully by us. Each peak on chromatograms is verified and the correctness of the integration and quantification is appreciated. Therefore, the data you receive from us are 100% safe. Of course you are not alone thenafter, we are always delighted to help you to interpret your own results.

- Which type of metabolomic measurements do you carry out ?

We usually do targeted metabolomic analyses, with a set of 100-200 metabolites per sample. All these metabolites are precisely known, identified and quantified. We usually do not carry out non-targeted metabolomic analyses, simply because we do not have multiple mass spectrometry techniques to identify unknown compounds. In other words, all the compounds we indicate in our final data files were previously checked with pure standards.

- Which type of isotopic measurements are available ?

We routinely carry out N-15 and C-13 analyses. C-13 analyses are available for raw material (total organic matter) or purified compounds. Pure compounds can be purified by yourself previously, but we also propose the HPLC-based purification of sucrose, fructose and glucose from plant extracts, before isotopic analyses. GC-coupled isotopic analyses (GC-C-IRMS) are now available and due to their specificity, requests across common scientific collaborations are encouraged.

- Is there any quality assessment ?

Yes, our Platform is now organized with a quality management system based on ISO9001 rules. The final ISO-certification should be obtained in 2015-2016.