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Cette rubrique liste les publications de 2006 à 2015 dans lesquelles la Plateforme est mentionnée, soit au titre d’affiliation, soit dans les remerciements.

EXERCICE 2015-2011

Abadie C, Lamothe M, Mauve C, Gilard F, Tcherkez G (2015) Leaf green-white variegation is advantageous under N deprivation in Pelargonium × hortorum. Funct Plant Biol, 42, 543-551.

Rogowsky P, Grimault A, Gendrot G, Chaignon S, Gilard F, Tcherkez G, Thévenin J, Dubreucq B, Depège-Fargeix N (2015) Role of B3 domain transcription factors of the AFL family in maize kernel filling. Plant Sci 236 : 116–125

Aranjuelo I, Tcherkez G, Jauregui I, Gilard F, Ancín M, Fernández-San Millán A, Larraya L, Veramendi J, Farran J, Alteration by thioredoxin f over-expression of primary carbon metabolism and its response to elevated CO2 in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.), Environmental and Experimental Botany, Volume 118, October 2015, Pages 40-48, ISSN 0098-8472,

Dellero Y, Lamothe-Sibold M, Jossier M, Hodges M. Arabidopsis thaliana ggt1 photorespiratory mutants maintain leaf carbon:nitrogen balance by reducing RuBisCO content and plant growth. Plant J. 2015 Jul 28. doi : 10.1111/tpj.12945. [Epub ahead of print]

Lamade E, Tcherkez G, Darlan NH, Rodrigues RL, Fresneau C, Mauve C, Lamothe-Sibold M, Sketriené D, Ghashghaie J. Natural 13C distribution in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and consequences for allocation pattern. Plant Cell Environ. 2015 Jul 29. doi : 10.1111/pce.12606. [Epub ahead of print]

Aranjuelo I, Erice G, Sanz-Sáez A, Abadie C, Gilard F, Gil-Quintana E, Avice JC, Staudinger C, Wienkoop S, Araus JL, Bourguignon J, Irigoyen JJ, Tcherkez G. Differential CO2 effect on primary carbon metabolism of flag leaves in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.). Plant Cell Environ. 2015 Jun 17. doi : 10.1111/pce.12587. [Epub ahead of print]

Barzegar T., Delshad M., Kashi A.K., Mauve C, Ghashghaie J. (2015)-Sugar accumulation pattern and contents in developing fruits of two Iranian melon cultivars.Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology,5(3):1353-1359

Sawicki M, Barka EA, Clément C, Gilard F, Tcherkez G, Baillieul F, Vaillant-Gaveau N, Jacquard C, Cold-night responses in grapevine inflorescences, Plant Science, Volume 239, October 2015, Pages 115-127, ISSN 0168-9452,

Ghashghaie J., Badeck FW., Girardin C., Sketriené D., Lamothe M., & Werner R.A. (2015)-Changes in d13C of dark-respired CO2 and organic matter of different organs of peanut plants during early ontogeny.Isotopes in Environment and Health Studies,In press

Pitoux, D., Plainchont, B., Merlet, D., Hu, Z., Bonnaffé, D. Farjon, J., & Giraud, N. (2015) Fully Resolved NMR Correlation Spectroscopy Chemistry –A European Journal. 21, 25

Mondy, S., Lenglet, A., Cosson, V., Pelletier, S., Pateyron, S., Gilard, F., Scholte, M., Brocard, L., Couzigou, J.M., Tcherkez, G., Pean, M., and Ratet, P. (2014). GOLLUM [FeFe]-hydrogenase-like proteins are essential for plant development in normoxic conditions and modulate energy metabolism. Plant Cell Environ 37, 54-69

Dellero Y, Mauve C, Boex-Fontvieille E, Flesch V, Jossier M, Tcherkez G, Hodges M (2014) Experimental evidence for a hydride transfer mechanism in plant glycolate oxidase catalysis. J Biol Chem, in press. doi : 10.1074/jbc.M114.618629

Aranjuelo, I., Tcherkez, G., Molero, G., Gilard, F., Avice, J.C., Nogués, S. (2013). Concerted changes in N and C primary metabolism in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) under water restriction. J Exp Bot 64, 885-897.

Boex-Fontvieille, E., Gauthier, P., Gilard, F., Hodges, M., and Tcherkez, G. (2013) A new anaplerotic respiratory pathway involving lysine biosynthesis in isocitrate dehydrogenase-deficient Arabidopsis mutants. New Phytol In press.

Gauthier, P.P., Lamothe, M., Mahe, A., Molero, G., Nogues, S., Hodges, M., and Tcherkez, G. (2013). Metabolic origin of delta(15)N values in nitrogenous compounds from Brassica napus L. leaves. Plant Cell Environ 36, 128-137.

Pineau B, Bourge M, Marion J, Mauve C, Gilard F, Maneta-Peyret L, Moreau P, Satiat-Jeunemaître B, Brown SC, De Paepe R, Danon A. The importance of cardiolipin synthase for mitochondrial ultrastructure, respiratory function, plant development, and stress responses in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 25, 4195-208

Coze F, Gilard F, Tcherkez G, Virolle M-J, Guyonvarch A (2013) Carbon-Flux Distribution within Streptomyces coelicolor Metabolism : A Comparison between the Actinorhodin-Producing Strain M145 and Its Non-Producing Derivative M1146. PLoS ONE 8, e84151.

Tcherkez G, Guérard F, Gilard F, Lamothe M, Mauve C, Gout E, Bligny R (2012) Metabolomic characterization of the functional division of nitrogen metabolism in variegated leaves. Funct Plant Biol 39 : 959–967.

Djebbar, R., Rzigui, T., Petriacq, P., Mauve, C., Priault, P., Fresneau, C., De Paepe, M., Florez-Sarasa, I., Benhassaine-Kesri, G., Streb, P., Gakiere, B., Cornic, G., and De Paepe, R. (2012). Respiratory complex I deficiency induces drought tolerance by impacting leaf stomatal and hydraulic conductances. Planta 235, 603-614.

Halter, D., Goulhen-Chollet, F., Gallien, S., Casiot, C., Hamelin, J., Gilard, F., Heintz, D., Schaeffer, C., Carapito, C., Van Dorsselaer, A., Tcherkez, G., Arsene-Ploetze, F., and Bertin, P.N. (2012). In situ proteo-metabolomics reveals metabolite secretion by the acid mine drainage bio-indicator, Euglena mutabilis. Isme Journal 6, 1391-1402.

Tcherkez, G., Mahe, A., Guerard, F., Boex-Fontvieille, E.R., Gout, E., Lamothe, M., Barbour, M.M., and Bligny, R. (2012). Short-term effects of CO2 and O2 on citrate metabolism in illuminated leaves. Plant Cell Environ 35, 2208-2220.

Tcherkez, G., Mauve, C., Lamothe, M., Le Bras, C., and Grapin, A. (2011). The 13C/12C isotopic signal of day-respired CO2 in variegated leaves of Pelargonium x hortorum. Plant Cell Environ 34, 270-283.

Guérard F, Petriacq P, Gakière B, Tcherkez G (2011) Liquid chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the analysis of plant samples : A method for simultaneous screening of common cofactors or nucleotides and application to an engineered plant line. Plant Physiol Biochem 49(10) : 1117-1125.

Tcherkez, G., Mahe, A., Boex-Fontvieille, E., Gout, E., Guerard, F., and Bligny, R. (2011). Experimental evidence of phosphoenolpyruvate resynthesis from pyruvate in illuminated leaves. Plant Physiol 157, 86-95.

Virlouvet, L., Jacquemot, M.P., Gerentes, D., Corti, H., Bouton, S., Gilard, F., Valot, B., Trouverie, J., Tcherkez, G., Falque, M., Damerval, C., Rogowsky, P., Perez, P., Noctor, G., Zivy, M., and Coursol, S. (2011). The ZmASR1 protein influences branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis and maintains kernel yield in maize under water-limited conditions. Plant Physiol 157, 917-936.

EXERCICE 2009-2010

Groupe Tcherkez

Bathellier C, Tcherkez G, Bligny R, Gout E, Cornic G, Ghashghaie J (2009) Metabolic origin of the d13C of respired CO2 in roots of Phaseolus vulgaris. New Phytol 181 : 387-399.

Gessler A, Tcherkez G, Karyanto O, Keitel C, Ferrio JP, Ghashghaie J, Kreuzwieser J, Farquhar GD (2009) On the metabolic origin of the carbon isotope composition of CO2 evolved from darkened light-acclimated leaves in Ricinus communis. New Phytol 181 : 374-386.

Cernusak LA, Tcherkez G, Keitel C, Cornwell WK, Santiago LS, Knohl A, Barbour MM, Williams DG, Reich PB, Ellsworth DS, Dawson TE, Griffiths HG, Farquhar GD, Wright IJ (2009) Why are non-photosynthetic tissues generally 13C-enriched compared with leaves in C3 plants ? Review and synthesis of current hypotheses. Funct Plant Biol 36 : 199-213.

Baptist F, Tcherkez G, Aubert S, Pontailler JY, Choler P, Nogués S (2009) C-13 and N-15 allocations of two alpine species from early and late snowmelt locations reflect their different growth strategies. J Exp Bot 60 : 2725-2735.

Mauve C, Bleton J, Bathellier C, Lelarge-Trouverie C, Guerard F, Ghashghaie J, Tchapla A, Tcherkez G (2009) Kinetic 12C/13C isotope fractionation by invertase : evidence for a small in vitro isotope effect and comparison of two techniques for the isotopic analysis of carbohydrates. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 23 : 2499-2506.

Maunoury-Danger F, Bathellier C, Laurette J, Fresneau C, Ghashghaie J, Damesin C, Tcherkez G (2009) Is there any 12C/13C fractionation during starch remobilisation and sucrose export in potato tubers ? Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 23 : 2527-2533.

Bathellier C, Tcherkez G, Mauve C, Bligny R, Gout E, Ghashghaie J (2009) On the resilience of nitrogen assimilation by intact roots under starvation, as revealed by isotopic and metabolomic techniques. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 23 : 2847-2856.

Tcherkez G, Mahé A, Gauthier P, Mauve C, Gout E, Bligny R, Cornic G, Hodges M (2009) In folio respiratory fluxomics revealed by 13C isotopic labeling and H/D isotope effects highlight the non-cyclic nature of the tricarboxylic acid "cycle’’ in illuminated leaves. Plant Physiol 151 : 620-630.

Meng PH, Raynaud C, Tcherkez G, Blanchet S, Massoud K, Domenichini S, Henry Y, Soubigou-Taconnat L, Lelarge-Trouverie C, Saindrenan P, Renou JP, Bergounioux C (2009) Crosstalks between myo-inositol metabolism, programmed cell death and basal immunity in Arabidopsis. Plos One 4 : article number e7364.

Gauthier PG, Bligny R, Gout E, Mahé A, Nogués S, Hodges M, Tcherkez G (2010) In folio isotopic tracing demonstrates that nitrogen assimilation into glutamate is mostly disconnected from current CO2 assimilation in illuminated leaves of Brassica napus. New Phytol 185 : 988-999.

Tcherkez G (2010) Do metabolic fluxes matter for interpreting isotopic respiratory signals ? New Phytol, In press.

Tcherkez G, Schäufele R, Nogués S, Piel C, Boom A, Lanigan G, Barbaroux C, Mata C, Elhani S, Hemming D, Maguas C, Yakir D, Badeck F, Griffiths H, Schnyder H, Ghashghaie J (2010) On the 13C/12C isotopic signal of day and night respiration at the mesocosm level. Plant Cell Environ, In press.

Groupe Ghashghaie

Maseyk K., Seibt U., Ghashghaie J., Bathellier C., Almeida P., Lobo de Vale R., Yakir D., Pereira J.S., Mencuccini M. & Wingate L. Biotic and abiotic factors affecting the d13C of soil respired CO2 in a Mediterranean oak woodland. isotopes in Environmental & Hearth Studies, (2009) ; 45 (4) : 343 -359.

Lamade E., Setyio I. E., Girard S. & Ghashghaie J. Changes in 13C/12C of oil palm leaves to understand the use of carbon during their passage from heterotrophy to autotrophy. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, (2009) ; 23(16) : 2586-2596.

Mortazavi B., Conte M., Chanton J., Smith M.C., Weber J.C., Crumsey J. & Ghashghaie J. Does the 13C of foliage respired CO2 and biochemical pools reflect the 13C of recently assimilated carbon ? Plant, Cell & Environment, (2009) ; 32:1310-1323.

Devaux M., Ghashghaie J., Bert D., Lambrot C., Gessler A., Bathellier C., Ogée J. & Lousteau D. Carbon stable isotope ratio of phloem sugars in mature pine trees throughout the growing season : Comparison of two extraction methods. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, (2009) ; 23
(16) : 2511-2519.

Girardin C., Rasse D., Biron P., Ghashghaie J. & Chenu C. Use of pulse-chase 13C labeling to specifically enrich signature of the soluble fraction from French bean leaves (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, (2009) ; 23 (12) : 1792-1800.

Bathellier C., Badeck F-W., Couzi P., Harscoët S., Mauve C. & Ghashghaie J. Divergence in d13C of organic matter and respired CO2 during transition between autotrophy and heterotrophy in Phaseolus vulgaris L. New Phytologist, (2008) ; 177 : 406-418.

Groupe Noctor

Queval G, Thominet D, Vanacker H, Miginiac-Maslow M, Gakière B, Noctor G
(2009) H2O2-activated up-regulation of glutathione in Arabidopsis involves induction of genes encoding enzymes involved in cysteine synthesis in the chloroplast. Molecular Plant 2 : 344-356

Frottin F, Espagne C, Traverso JA, Mauve C, Valot B, Lelarge-Trouverie C, Zivy M, Noctor G, Meinnel T, Giglione C (2009) Cotranslational proteolysis dominates glutathione homeostasis for proper growth and development. Plant Cell 21 : 3296-3314


Groupe Noctor (2006-2008)

Krapp A.-M., Morot-Gaudry J.-F., Bergot G., Lelarge C., Prioul J.-L., Noctor G. (2006) Metabolomics. In : Plant Genomics, Eds. Morot-Gaudry J.-F. & Briat J.-F., Éditions INRA

Queval G, Noctor G (2007) A plate-reader method for the measurement of NAD, NADP, glutathione and ascorbate in tissue extracts. Application to redox profiling during Arabidopsis rosette development. Analytical Biochemistry 363 : 58-69

Noctor G, Bergot G, Thominet D, Mauve C, Lelarge-Trouverie C, Prioul JL (2007) A comparative study of amino acid analysis in leaf extracts by gas chromatography-time of flight-mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. Metabolomics 3 : 161-174

Foyer CH, Noctor G, Van Emden H (2007) An evaluation of the costs of making specific secondary metabolites ; does the yield penalty incurred by host plant resistance to insects result from competition for resources ? International Journal of Pest Management 53 : 175-182

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Pellny TK, Van Aken O, Dutilleul C, Wolff T, Groten K, Bor M, De Paepe R, Reyss A, Van Breusegem F, Noctor G, Foyer CH (2008) Mitochondrial respiratory pathways modulate nitrate sensing and nitrogen-dependent regulation of plant architecture in Nicotiana sylvestris. The Plant Journal (in press)

Groupe Tcherkez (2006-2008)

Nogués S, Damesin C, Tcherkez G, Maunoury F, Cornic G, Ghashghaie J (2006) 13C/12C isotope labeling to study leaf carbon respiration and allocation in twigs of field-grown beech trees. Rapid Comm Mass Spectrom 20 : 219-226.

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Groupes Ghashghaie et Damesin (2005-2008)

Julou T, Burghardt B, Gebauer G, Berveiller D, Damesin C, Selosse MA (2005) Mixotrophy in orchids : insights from a comparative study of green individuals and nonphotosynthetic individuals of Cephalanthera damasonium. New Phytologist 166 : 639-653.

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Maunoury F., Berveiller D., Lelarge C., Pontailler J.-Y., Vanbostal L., Damesin C. (2007) Seasonal, daily and diurnal variations in the stable carbon isotope composition of carbon dioxide respired by tree trunks in a deciduous oak forest. Oecologia 151 : 268-279.